Types of a brick are very various. They differ structure and in the way of production, it is natural also characteristics at each look different and appointment. It is necessary to understand to what what types of a brick it is applied. Probably, all know that in the market of brick products there are many different types of a brick. Each type of a brick differs the properties and cost. Let’s consider widespread types of a brick.

Types of a brick The red brick is one of the most popular in the world. The red brick has big weight. The basic purpose of this type of a brick is construction of external and internal walls. Air laying of a red brick doesn’t allow penetration of moisture into the house. At first sight the yellow brick is not a remarkable material, it differs resistance to high temperatures. Yellow brick generally use for construction of fireplaces and other constructions which are intended for house heating. One of the largest on overall dimensions is the white brick. This brick for construction of bearing walls is used. The white brick received broad application in construction of external walls of cottages and country houses.

 Rubble or natural stone is applied to construction of walls. Natural stone one of the most economic options. Quarrystone can also be used for base laying. At a choice of a brick it needs to be examined. To check brick edges on perpendicularity and parallelism, and also check on lack of cracks. At easy blow to a natural stone it shouldn’t crumble if rubble crumbles, this material not the qualitative.

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September 18, 2013

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