Glue liquid nails — the construction glue intended for a fastening of different materials. Basis of such glue liquid nails make polymers and rubber. For comparison: liquid nails are almost ten times stronger than PVA, and one drop can hold the freight which weight makes 50 kilograms. Similar durability is explained by a chemical composition of glue. At the heart of liquid nails there can be a rubber, silicone, polyurethane, butylene, latex. The main plus of liquid nails — they don’t rust and don’t spoil a covering. The thermo differ high – and moisture resistance, quickly stiffen and don’t depend on humidity of environment. Procedure of gluing together is very simple, during process it isn’t necessary to apply a drill or a hammer, besides glue liquid nails it is required to put only in the necessary points, instead of on all square. Liquid nails have wide scope of application: them it is possible to paste a stone, ceramics, concrete, ceiling and wall panels, gypsum cardboard, glass and metallic products, a tree. The formulation “liquid nails” is meant as the whole line of the structures, technical characteristics differing by a big variety. Conditionally liquid nails subdivide into two groups. The first — is materials with a basis from organic solvents which differ exclusive frost resistance and give strong connection. Such structures it is possible to stick together practically everything, except synthetic materials. Shortcoming are the toxic agents emitted by such glues. Therefore in operating time it is necessary to put on a respirator and to provide sufficient ventilation of the room. There will be superfluous no gloves and goggles. The second type of liquid nails carry to water-soluble materials. Such structures are, as a rule, made on the basis of acryle. They are absolutely safe from the ecological point of view, but have one, but an essential minus — under the influence of low temperatures water liquid nails freeze. In this regard them don’t apply to external construction works, and use only in warm and dry rooms.

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September 18, 2013

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